black and blue

9 Nov

I hate crying, especially when I watch movies with other people. So when I was watching the documentary Young At Heart and found myself ready to burst into deep sobs as this beautiful group of elderly people sang a rendition of Fix You by Coldplay, I promptly began working on today’s post in order to distract myself from the building cryfest. That song always makes me tear up anyway and I’ve had kind of a sucky weekend so to see an old man who is connected to an oxygen tank sing it as he mourns the loss of one of his choir members was just a little bit more than I could handle. Luckily working on this outfit distracted me enough that I only let out a couple of tears which went unnoticed.

Anyhoopla, on a brighter note, I freaking love this outfit! I want to buy it and wear it daily until it is torn and frayed which will cause me to love it even more. I photoshopped it all together quick-and-dirty-like so you should be able to get a better idea of how it goes together, which I think I will do from now on.

The shirts are Forever 21, the moto vest and tights are Urban Outfitters, skirt is Charlotte Russe, and shoes are Total cost = $139.57




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