snips and snails and puppy dogs tails

15 Nov

I think there’s a misconception that little boys clothes aren’t as fun as little girls clothes. It’s true that you can’t put ruffles and glitter on a little boy (unless he’s a figure skater, haha) but what people don’t realize is just how adorable a little boy can look in a well styled outfit. The two most important things to remember are fit and trend. After all, if you can’t dress for the now when you’re little and go through clothes like tissue paper then when can you?

I wanted to do a dressier look with a sweater vest and bow tie and skinny, brightly colored jeans but dang it if kids clothes aren’t difficult to find for a good price! I think I better take up sewing before I start having babies or I’m gonna go broke. So here’s a casual outfit for all of you to look at. I didn’t include an undershirt but really if you want your boy’s outfit to look finished (and want to prevent him from getting too smelly) then make sure he wears an undershirt.

The flannel comes from, the jacket, the jeans, the hat, and the shoes Altogether the outfit costs $103.99.


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