What a great weekend!

23 Nov

I have had a rockin’ weekend. On Friday I was graced with the best Thrice performance I’ve seen thus far, Saturday was spent with my brother, some friends, and my cousin Nate, and now Real Salt Lake takes the MLS cup!!! To honor the men who made my weekend the best I’ve had in a long while I decided to style an outfit for the big boys. I will go more into the awesomeness of my weekend in later posts so keep checking the blog if you want to know more.

This sweater, can I just say, is drool worthy. It almost makes me wish I had a boyfriend so I could dress him in it. Almost. And the shoes are super rad, the perfect balance of edgy without being so out there that you look like you’re trying too hard. For those of you who think that v-neck sweaters should be worn with crew neck tees, I promise you that this is a myth. Men’s fashion is all about the details and doubling up on the v-necks is one detail that totally works.

the sweater and shoes are urbanoutfitters.com, the jeans are ccs.com, and the shirt is zumiez.com. Altogether the outfit costs 129.97






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