30 Nov

I woke up today knowing that the world would be white with snow and I was dreading it because winter + me = sad. 😦

But when I got in my car and turned on my music the song Islands on the Coast by Band of Horses came on and that song is so darn happy that suddenly I was struck with the beauty of the world around me. The sun glinted off of the snow making everything glitter and the sky was a perfect blue after a bout of gray, gloomy days. Any song could have come on and my mood could have been totally different, but because Islands on the Coast is so exultant it made me look at my wintry world with excitement. Life is made up of small miracles and this was one of them. Here’s a link to the song. If you’ve never listened to Band of Horses you are in for something amazing.

So my mom complained that all my outfits are too young and trendy and she wanted me to make an outfit for her so here it is. I would definitely tie the sweater so you take full advantage of the folds. Also I love the idea that this skirt is a shaping skirt. Shaping tights don’t seem very effective a lot of the time but a skirt seems like it would be better. The outfit is more expensive then I would like but my mom can afford it so I wasn’t too strict with the price point of these items. Love you, Momma!

The sweater and shirt are from Ann Taylor Loft, the skirt is from Chadwicks, the tights are anthropologie and the shoes are Target. Altogether the outfit costs $162.98.


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