8 crazy nights

18 Dec

The Christmas season is crazy-bananas for any retail business and the photog studio is no exception, thus my excuse for not posting in awhile. I’ve had a few subjects to blog on floating around in the recesses of my mind but none of them really fit together in a cohesive, charming way so instead I will just lay them out for you like a hairy, nude guy on a French beach. Yeah, that was a weird metaphor. Oh well.

First: I am not a fan of turtlenecks or hoop earrings but I most especially don’t like them together. Hoop earrings have a tendency to make a person’s face look wide and turtlenecks do the same thing so when you combine the two you end up looking like Boardface. No depth, just width. Blegh, when will hoop earrings die?

Second: I really enjoy taking walks when my allergies don’t bother me and when I don’t have to match someone else’s pace. The whole world looks completely different when you walk instead of drive. Unfortunately I am very allergic to the area where I live (sagebrush and juniper trees are at the top of my allergy list and that’s pretty much all that grows here) so I don’t take too many walks but someday I will live in a place where the outside world doesn’t make me sick. You mark my words. As for the matching someone else’s pace bit, I’m a remarkably slow walker for someone with fairly long legs but the other day I took a walk on my own and loved it because I didn’t have to run to keep up with another person. I’ve discovered that maintaining my sanity is all about figuring out what works for me and not being apologetic about it.

Third: I am desperate for a new, very expensive, camera. If you haven’t heard, Cannon and Nikon have come out with these unbelievable light-sensitive cameras. The range of ISO’s on these babies are INSANE, and there is no digital noise until you get up to the ISO’s that are so high you will probably never use them. Nerdy photog speak translated to English – these cameras will allow me to shoot pictures in the lowest light possible and the quality will still be awesome. I’ve been obsessed with twilight (not the book, the actual time of day) since I was a little kid but you just can’t shoot at that time using natural light – until now. The problem is that these cameras cost thousands of dollars and if you have a body that nice you really have to get a lens to match, which will also cost thousands of dollars, but I don’t have thousands of dollars. And I’m starting to wonder if I ever will.  :p” – that is my frustrated face making a raspberry at the universe.

But! it’s Christmas and that’s awesome, and I found some guh-horgeous boots and that is also awesome. These have a line of rosettes all along the sides and that’s just genius. For a girl who has never been very girly these kinds of details make me surprisingly happy. And before you see the brand and ask the question, I am in fact a Madden Girl. 😉

Total outfit cost = $119.88

Rosette Madden Girl boots

mod cloth top

Urban Cigarette Pant


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