After Christmas Sales

30 Dec

Whew, Christmas is over. It was a grand ol’ time with the fam. On Christmas morning my brother, parents and Grandma opened prezzies at our house. I got a serious haul this year and felt thoroughly spoiled. I’ll tell you what I got in my next post and include pictures. Are you excited? You should be! Cuz it’s awesome!! But, yeah, you’ll have to wait. Tee hee.

After Christmas breakfast we made a mad dash of packing up all the presents for the rest of my siblings and their families and headed to Park City (well, technically it was Midway, which is about a half hour away) for a fabulous Christmas weekend. We stayed at a place called Zermatt, which was a super nice resort that I highly recommend. The boys and Jenn (my athletically gifted sister-in-law) spent the days snowboarding while we hung out with the kids. It was nice to just be with my sisters and relax. The kids were Christmas crazy of course which served to reinforce my resolve that I won’t be having any babies until I’m a rich and famous author and can afford a nanny. Ha, right. If only life really worked out the way we plan.

Anywho, so we’re home now and I’ve been perusing the after-Christmas sales and I thought that rather than posting an outfit I would just show you some of my favorite items. To start, Urban Outfitters is having an awesome denim sale. All jeans are only $39! These are my favorite ones but they have several awesome pairs.

urban outfitters mad sale

And surprise, surprise, JCrew is actually having quite a good sale. They of course have some nice pants and sweaters but my favorite items were all of the dresses that are on sale. I admit that they’re still pretty pricey but they’re made of such good material and the colors are stinking gorgeous so these are dresses that will stay in your closet forever. I seriously would consider buying one of these dresses to be an investment. They’re all pretty low cut and a couple are sleeveless but I’m thinking that I will style one of them in my next post so that you can see their full potential. Here are my favs:

JCrew silk dress in Pine

JCrew Silk Taffeta Gray Dress

JCrew Silk Tafetta barely peach

I admit, I tend to stay away from American Eagle on principle. Any clothing company that tries to make its customers into walking billboards gets a big thumbs down in my book. But these prices are crrraazzy and I can’t say no to a plaid peacoat. Also, their kids clothes are on sale so if you have kids you should definitely check it out.

AE plaid pea

AE gray soft moto

AE faded black jean

And lastly, it’s Converse time. Unfortunately I can’t show you images with the links but I promise that if you click on these links you won’t be disappointed. Oh Converse. How I love thee.


I hope you all had a great holiday season and that your New Year is the hap-hap-happiest!!


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