carried away… again

17 Mar

Okay, this outfit is much closer to the price range that I usually shoot for than that other outfit I did awhile back but it’s still a little too expensive for my blood. I just got swept up in imagining some east coast girl going to a fancy brunch on a yacht or at least doing some sort of photo shoot on a pier… I don’t know. I love it. I think it’s gorgeous and it cheered me up enough that I might be able to sleep now. Sorry I can’t clip everything together anymore so you can see it as a working outfit but my hard drive failed and so my… aherm… (pirated!) copy of photoshop is gone. I’m sad about it but pirated software is extremely difficult to come by and I don’t have six hundred bucks to drop on that racket of a computer program. I need that money for, you know, food and rent and stuff. My mom told me the other day that I need a sugar daddy. I think what I really need is a money tree. Or a modified version of the Midas touch. Both of those sound about as realistic as me nabbing some business man.

This outfit needs some cameo jewelry or pearls or something. Maybe a flowery headband. See, I like it so much that I’m even picturing accessories, which you know I never do on principle. But oh it would be so good.

modcloth dress

So Ann Taylor Loft’s website is stupid and I can’t get a picture to post here but this shirt in white is awesome and pirate-ish with the way they gathered the sleeves, so yeah, click on this link. AnnTaylorLoftShirt

Down East Skirt

Charlotte Russe Bootie

Ruffle Socks!!!


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