Fashion influences

13 Jun

When I was a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer. (And a marine biologist, lawyer, the first female president, an actress, and a singer, but more than anything else a fashion designer. I didn’t decide to become a writer until I was in my late teens and I’m still not super sure about it. Thanks modern society for making us believe we can be anything we want! Read this post from Hipstercrite. She perfectly sums up my feelings on the subject.) I loved clothes from a pretty early age, not just because I loved dressing up but also because the sight of someone wearing something out of the ordinary enthralled me and gave me a sense of endless possibilities. I was obsessed with certain movies mostly because they had great costumes. Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Clueless, Pretty in Pink, the list goes on but probably the most significant movie was An American In Paris. I don’t remember much of what it was about but I do remember wanting to wear full skirts with vests and ballet shoes and wanting to be a sad Parisian clown for Halloween because of the costume ball scene.

An American In Paris costume ball scene

I was particularly obsessed with that scene. I loved that everyone wore black and white, flamboyant costumes that managed to perfectly reflect their character’s personalities. So imagine how completely excited I was when I saw this dress from Shabby Apple.

Shabby Apple Baja dress

This dress is perfect. It doesn’t need a belt or jacket, you could wear pretty much any shoe and it would look amazing, jewelry isn’t necessary but you could totally wear some awesome bracelets. The hair possibilities are endless. But more than anything I think if I wore it I would feel like Lise Bouvier, the graceful pixie-like ballerina, ready to meet some hunky artist who will pull me into a passionate and tempestuous love affair. And of course it will all happen in Paris.


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