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24 Jan

Colors can be funny. Pick up a shirt that is on the in-between of blue and green and half the population will call it blue, the other half will call it green. It’s the same with lavender/pinks, purpley blues, buttery creams, and then of course there’s the whole khaki debacle. (Who decided that everything from light stone to olive green could be called khaki? They need a stern talkin’ to.)

But when it comes to orange there’s usually very little debate. Most people agree that orange is orange. Most people also agree that orange is among the least liked colors on our little planet. When you say the word orange it conjures up images of shag carpets, ugly and/or uncomfortable couches, dingy fast food restaurants, glaring Halloween decorations and signs that warn you of danger. It’s true that the interior designers of the seventies really didn’t do orange any favors (or avocado, mustard yellow and teal, but orange was probably the most abused) and the government really did a number on our collective subconscious by brain washing us into having anxiety every time we see a flash of orange. Despite this there is a small percentage of people who say that there is value in orange, who say that the past can be forgotten, that there is aesthetic beauty in this warm, friendly color, who say that it is in fact their very most favorite color.

And I’m one of them.

There are a lot of reasons that I love orange. I love the shade of orange that leaves turn in autumn. I love pumpkins and cheesy Halloween decorations. I love the way that orange stained glass windows look when light shines through them and I love that bright flash of color that a slice of orange brings to a breakfast plate. I also love that it’s an underdog. I’m really not much of a sports fan but I will sit down and watch an entire basketball game if you tell me that one of the teams is an underdog with a shot at winning.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this lately is because I’ve been looking over trend reports for the twenty eleven spring season and most of them agree that a pastel, washed out palette is what we’re looking at this year. I feel it myself. Whenever I look at yarns or fabrics or paint colors I am inevitably drawn to cream, blush, sea foam and lilac. But I’m also drawn to orange, which has no place in that palette. Colors trend in and out just like everything else, so why do I cling so hard to this little loved color? Am I genetically built that way? If people have a hard time seeing colors like red and green is it possible that I see orange more intensely than other people? I don’t know. But I do know that if I ever see an orange toothbrush, or iPod case, or skein of yarn you better believe I’ll be itching to buy it.

I wanted to find an outfit that featured orange to go along with my whole rant but I couldn’t find an orange piece I was really drawn to. So instead, here’s another outfit that proves that long skirts are back! And that just makes me smile.

Outfit total cost = $83

Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Tulle Skirt

Forever 21 sweater

Anthropologie Basket Weave Tights

Mia Hannah Pump


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