We were perfect when started, I’ve been wondering where we’ve gone

8 Jun

For some reason listening to Sublime the other day has sent me on a real nostalgic streak so I thought for my next few posts I would talk about some of my favorite bands from my teenage years.

Counting Crows was my favorite band from age 11 all the way through high school. Their first CD, August and Everything After, was the first CD I ever owned. The lead singer Adam Duritz is a true artist. Their first hit was Mr. Jones, a song about Adam and his friend who would spend time together dreaming about being famous. When I went to see them in concert after their third CD came out instead of singing the original lyrics Adam changed them to reflect the fact that he had achieved his dream and left Mr. Jones behind and how much he missed that friendship. Even though I’m sure there were more than few fans who were upset by the new rendition of the song I thought it was incredibly cool that he would stay true to himself like that.

Adam’s lyrics never fail to knock me out and although I’ve outgrown their musical style I still keep at least one of their first three CD’s in my playlist at all times. This song, Murder of One, always reminds me of being a lovesick middle schooler.

And now for some fashion. These pieces are from a few shops that I always manage to forget about but they really have great, inexpensive stuff sometimes. Outfit total cost = $55. Don’t you love summer and how awesomely cheap the clothes can be?

Madewell Shrug Tee

Papaya Floral Long Skirt w/Belt

And don’t go hating on these Jellies! Talk about nostalgia, I had these when I was a little girl and when I was in high school, and now they’re back again. Plus I love the color.

TopShop Harbour Jellies



2 Responses to “We were perfect when started, I’ve been wondering where we’ve gone”

  1. whitebreadlife July 6, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    You lost me at the fashion, sigh. We we so close to being separated at birth.

    • phillipskt July 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

      Haha, well that’s too sad. I would love to find a long lost sibling who is as obsessed with CC as I am.

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