the Lagwagon Bandwagon

13 Jun

When I first listened to Lagwagon in eighth grade I’ll admit that I was pretty non-plussed. I hadn’t become fully acclimated to punk yet (I was mostly listening to ska and the Counting Crows) so all I heard was the heavy distortion and none of the brilliance. That changed when they came out with the Double Plaidinum album. After hearing the song Making Friends I was hooked.

I got the CD for Christmas and listened to it pretty much everyday. Here’s a picture of fourteen year old me on Christmas day with the CD.

Me in 1997 with my Double Plaidinum CD












After that I fell in love with Lagwagon. Joey Cape is amazing.


In the nineties I really hated goth fashion but elements of it are creeping back into the fashion scene and I have to say that I love the way it’s being revamped. It’s so chic and almost elegant but still really open to being played around with. It’s fun.

Outfit total cost = $92

Urban Outfitters Wonderer Tee

Akira Sheer Skirt

Urban Outfitters Asymmetrical Wedge


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