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Omnivores are people too dang it

31 Jul

I have a confession to make.

Those of you who know me know that I have been an environmentalist from the time I was a small child. Spending my early years in California with the huge influence of the Sierra Club and witnessing the effects of gross air pollution first hand had a profound effect on me. Those of you who know me also know not to get me started on the subject because I won’t stop until you agree with me and become an environmentalist too. (That or you just curl up into a ball with your fingers in your ears, crying for respite. In which case I will take pity on you and change the subject to feminism. Mwahaha.) I can even get staunch republicans who don’t believe in global warming to agree that pollution is bad and cap and trade could actually be good for our economy. Maybe I really should be a lawyer.

Anyway, back to my confession. My big secret is that as much as I love the environment I am not super concerned about animals. That’s not to say that I don’t believe in protecting endangered species. (Except prairie dogs. Prairie dogs can suck on antifreeze and whither away for all I care. But that’s a Cedarian thing.) I like polar bears and dolphins and I recognize the necessity for Amazonian tree frogs to stay alive because eco systems are fragile and bla dee blee bloo. But as far as poor little cows having souls and deserving to not be eaten and PETA’s recent campaign to anthropomorphize fish so that people won’t eat them either, I say – screw you, man! I’m an omnivore! And guess what? So are you! (okay, anthropomorphize is the wrong word but there isn’t a better one. Click the link, you’ll see what I mean. It’s pretty hilarious.)

Seriously, don’t feed me garbage about soy replacing meat because it also replaces my healthy cells with cancerous ones and don’t tell me that egg plant can taste like steak because unless you’re Harry Potter it never will.

The reason I’m going into all this is because I’ve recently become a tad obsessed with leather boots and I don’t care that cows had to die to make people’s feet look good. So what if cows have big brown eyes with crazy long eye lashes and cute little ears that look so soft. No, okay, seriously. I’m not switching sides. Goooo Meat! (But the cute baby cows! *whimper*)

Yes, back to my love of boots. Especially boots that are inspired by the early twentieth century and modern military. (Sorry but no construction or hiking boots for me.) The boots I love the mostest, though, are the ones I can find in second hand stores that are beat up and worn and gloriously distressed. The thing about shopping vintage is that it’s hard. It’s rare to find something you really love and even more rare to find something you love that fits. This got me thinking, why not find a way to distress your own boots? What if you could buy new boots and then make them look vintage, taking all stress out of the equation? Thank goodness for websites like eHow and about, because I actually found several guides on how to distress your own leather. Hoodihoooo!

Here’s my favorite oneĀ http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_5935431_distress-leather-boots.html and make sure you read down where she talks about tips and warnings. They seem important. If I ever manage to save enough money to get some awesome boots I will definitely try this out and post pictures.

On to this week’s outfit. It’s a guy’s outfit (Brady – :P) inspired by my favorite show So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch and Kent did a stepping routine and their outfits were so incredibly cool. Who would have thought that preppy and military can go so well together? Here’s a pic.

Cat, Kent and Twitch

They just look so masculine yet still stylish that I had to replicate it. Also, it has boots! Yay!

Outfit total cost = $103

AE Letterman's Cardigan

Old Navy Tee

Dickies Original 874 work pants

Army Surplus Boots



27 Nov

Thanksgiving is a time when we’re supposed to think about the things in our life that we’re thankful for but this is something that I try to do on a regular basis because I find that it helps to stave off my crazy. As a result of this frequent pondering of just how blessed my life is, my list of things I’m grateful for is extremely long. So for this post I’m just going to give you the highlights.

I’m grateful for my toothbrush, my pillow, my bed, pandora.com, my house and my car. I’m grateful for unexpected kindness, for friendly people, for the way the internet brings the people and things that I love together, for the fact that snow always melts and for the jolt of joy that a new pair of shoes always gives. I’m grateful for books and movies and tv shows that sweep me up and take me out of myself for awhile. I’m grateful for my country, my faith, and my education. And most especially, I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for them for a million reasons but here are just a few: I’m grateful for my family because they truly offer unconditional love, because we get each others sense of humor and laugh until our bodies hurt, because they would do anything for me and I would do anything for them, and because I know that no matter how bad things get I will always have them in my life.

Another thing I’m grateful for is the fact that tights have made a comeback, so here is an outfit with a beautiful pair of tights from Urban Outfitters. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about layering skirts. Unfortunately the trend right now is for skirts and dresses to be crazy short and since that is neither pleasing to me aesthetically or in accordance with the doctrine of my religion I’ve come to the conclusion that layering skirts of different lengths would be a fantastic way of staying current and modest. Because I don’t have the time or money to make a whole array of layering skirts (like layering tees with cool trims and in different colors) I will just fantasize about it here on my blog. Because that’s what this blog is all about, right? My fashion fantasies? Which brings me to another thing I’m grateful for, this blog.

As I said before the tights are from urbanoutfitters.com, the skirt is forever21.com, the scallop trim fabric is from fabric.com, the vest is charlotterusse.com, the shirt is oldnavy.com, and the boots are target.com. Miraculously altogether the outfit only costs $96.76.