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I Blame Pinterest

8 Jul

Sorry I’ve been MIA for longer than usual. I found a new website called Pinterest and it’s been fulfilling my scour-the-internet-for-awesomeness needs. If I lag with my posts again and you find you’re missing me you can always clicky on that button over there on the right and see what I’m up to on the time suck that is Pinterest. (I warn you, it’s addictive.)

I’m going to move to Dallas in about a month in search of fame and fortune and I’m freaking out a little bit. It’s going to be great to live in a big city finally and hopefully get a good job and not have to travel at least three hours if I want to see some form of art that isn’t landscapes, but I’m worried that it’s going to be too hot and the people will be weird and I’m going to miss my family like crazy. I’ve just learned to like Utah and now I’m leaving. Isn’t that the way of things? But it’s going to be good. And exciting. I’m ready to experiment with city living.

Anywho, onto the fashion because this is a fashion blog after all. Maybe you’ve noticed the upswing of button up shirts popularity (seriously they’re everywhere), also brightly colored shorts are hotty hot hot this season and what could be better than bringing those two things together? It feels a little bit like a Gap ad via mid-nineties but I think I’m okay with that. You could wear the shirt tucked in, or with a belt, or just free and flowy.

Outfit total cost = $72

Urban Outfitters Breezy Twill Yoke Blouse


Forever 21 Box Braided Belt

J.Crew 9" Chinos


Urbanog Bamboo T-Strap Flats

These are the taupe sandals, btw. I don’t like the gold over much but that’s what automatically comes up when you click on the picture.



19 Jun

The other day I was looking through the discount shelves at Barnes and Noble and a book with the title Why Women Should Rule the World caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at the discount. It was on sale for $5, one fifth of its original price. That’s eighty percent off. If it were a sweater I would have examined it for pulled threads and grease stains. The cliche of a feminist book being so heavily discounted in a Utah bookstore was not lost on me so I decided to buy it. You know, for solidarity’s sake. The surprise was that it actually turned out to be a book that perfectly sums up so many of the thoughts that I’ve had about feminism, modern society’s view of women, and what the goal of modern feminism should be. The title is actually meant to be eye catching and controversial so that you’ll pick it up. The author’s main argument is that women should rule the world alongside men, not because we’re better but because we’re different. We see and approach the world in different ways and because of this every aspect of public life could be improved if women were to take an equal share in it.

Being a feminist and a member of the LDS church can be a lonely and alienating thing. The attitudes that I encounter generally fall into two different categories: gender roles are divinely assigned and a woman’s first duty is to her family, or apathy. To the first there isn’t much I can say. I agree that it’s important for women to be mothers and wives but I don’t think that a woman should be forced to be a stay at home mom if it makes her unhappy. A lot of women feel that their lives are enriched if they spend even a few hours a week outside the home and that in turn makes them better able to fill their duties as mother and wife. But these people tend to be stubborn and immovable against even the most logical arguments so I let them be. As for the apathetic I really want to take them by the shoulders and scream in their faces. I don’t of course. But the fact is that despite the laws that were passed decades ago women are still paid less than men, assault against women is still a huge issue, and women continue to be overlooked for promotions and undervalued in the workplace. This is because change takes time. Attitudes, particularly negative ones, require generations to pass before they can be altered. Equality between races and civil rights is something that is taught in schools because we want to make certain that everything our country has worked toward in ending racial inequality is not undone by ignorance. I would argue that the equal rights between the sexes deserves the same consideration. Why it isn’t, I don’t know but I do know this: apathy, ignorance, and silence are the attitudes that social injustice feeds on. So if you find yourself having any of those attitudes toward feminism I would encourage you to pick up Why Women Should Rule the World by Dee Dee Myers or any book on feminism for that matter. If you don’t feel like reading a book then take a class. Get on the internet and do some research. Even if you just have a conversation with someone about it, you will be taking one step forward in keeping the cause of promoting women’s success in modern society alive.

So now that I’ve been all serious and made you question if this blog is actually about fashion at all, here is another one of my fantasy outfits. I think it’s super hot and it proves once again that a woman does not need to show skin in order to turn heads.

Outfit total cost = $105.80

hold you in pencil skirt from Newport News

You should know that in my mind the shirt is worn untucked and the belt would be worn at the natural waist. Also the socks I like are the off white ones. Thanks Megan for recommending that I check out Mango! Their clothes are quite awesome.

Mango Women's Boxy T-shirt

Urban Outfitters Origami Stretch Belt

American Apparel Socks

Forever 21 Strappy Pindot Heel

My car was attacked by a tree, a new online clothing store, and my blog needs a new name

26 May

I haven’t said much about my move to the big O… Orem that is. Mostly the reason why I haven’t talked about it is because it was really boring and extremely stressful. Suffice it to say that after two months of applying for jobs all over northern Utah I finally landed a night watch position at a treatment facility for kids with behavioral problems. Basically I stay up all night and do checks every fifteen minutes to make sure that the girls are breathing. This means that all of my sleeping is done through the morning and into the afternoon. My roommates know this and are really nice about it and they don’t judge me for sleeping until four o’clock most days. So the other day when I woke up at nine o’clock to a pounding on my door and my roommate yelling “Did you get my text?” I truly thought I was still sleeping. I think I said something close to “Wagga wi – huh?” And Nicolle yelled back, “Your car is covered in tree branches and they keep breaking! Hurry and move it before something gets smashed!” I had no idea what she was talking about. All I knew was that she was frantic and my car was in peril. I jumped out of bed and caught site of something white and slushy falling from the sky. Yeah it was snow. In the last week of May. Blegh. Suddenly the broken tree branches made sense. So I threw on a coat and shoes and ran outside to see several inches of slush and my car virtually buried in frozen leaves and tree branches. The truly weird thing was that despite the fact that these trees lined the entire fence where I had parked they had only broken over my car and the truck that had parked several feet behind me. The rest of the street was totally clean. For some reason the trees decided that they hate cars. I have a very strong suspicion that they were trying in their own way to get revenge on us for global warming. That or the weather truly is conspiring against me and the only way I can survive is if I become a hermit in an underground bunker. Awesome.

Anywho, I couldn’t fall back to sleep after that so I decided to get online and start styling a new outfit. Whilst doing so I found a new clothing website called the Shabby Apple that has modest dresses that are reasonably priced and are actually fashion forward. I’m very excited about it! The name is kind of odd because apples can’t really be shabby but I kind of love it for that reason. It’s nonsensical but it has nice connotations. This week’s outfit has one of their dresses and I will definitely be featuring more of their dresses in my posts.

After perusing Shabby Apple’s website to my heart’s content I decided to google my blog for funzees and, sad day, it turns out that someone else is already using the name the Thrifty Fashionista! So I’ve decided that I need to change my blog name. The web address will remain the same but it is officially time for a new moniker. At first I was thinking the Latter Day Fashionista but then I thought that might be pigeon holing myself so now I’m thinking either Kat’s Fashion Nonsense or Fashion Martyrtard. If you don’t know what that means then click on the word and you will be taken to my post that gives a definition of it. What do you guys think? If you have a better idea then let me know. I’m open to suggestions.

Outfit total cost = $117.48

Shabby Apple La Tour Eiffel dress

Urban Outfitters Nautical Knot Belt

Target Merona Ballet Flats

Carried Away

4 Jan

So I was styling the pine colored JCrew dress from my last post and I found the most amazing vest from Mod Cloth and then I found some spectacular shoes at zappos and this wonderful sweater from Ann Taylor Loft… the problem is that it’s all out of my usual price range. I mean, the outfit is still reasonably priced when you factor in awesomeness but I guess, technically you couldn’t really call this outfit “thrifty.” Oh well. I love it. So there. 😛

Outfit total cost = $305.14. Oh and everything but the dress is in black but because they’re all from different sites they look like they’re in different colors. Black and emerald is among my favorite color combos. Seriously, this outfit is from my dreams.

JCrew Pine Dress

Mod Cloth Maestro Vest

funky fishnets

dknyc heels


snips and snails and puppy dogs tails

15 Nov

I think there’s a misconception that little boys clothes aren’t as fun as little girls clothes. It’s true that you can’t put ruffles and glitter on a little boy (unless he’s a figure skater, haha) but what people don’t realize is just how adorable a little boy can look in a well styled outfit. The two most important things to remember are fit and trend. After all, if you can’t dress for the now when you’re little and go through clothes like tissue paper then when can you?

I wanted to do a dressier look with a sweater vest and bow tie and skinny, brightly colored jeans but dang it if kids clothes aren’t difficult to find for a good price! I think I better take up sewing before I start having babies or I’m gonna go broke. So here’s a casual outfit for all of you to look at. I didn’t include an undershirt but really if you want your boy’s outfit to look finished (and want to prevent him from getting too smelly) then make sure he wears an undershirt.

The flannel comes from tillys.com, the jacket oldnavy.com, the jeans ae.com, the hat gap.com, and the shoes converse.com. Altogether the outfit costs $103.99.







Pastel perfection

12 Nov

Another outfit for my beautiful sister and this one actually includes an anthropologie piece for a wicked steal. I tried photoshopping everything together but the stupid models were all bendy in weird ways and it just didn’t work so… you all will just have to use your imaginations. The jeans will of course be tucked into the booties and I think a crocheted tam hat in navy would be grand. If you decide you want this outfit, Ali, I would be happy to crochet you a hat for your birthday.

The jeans are a great deal at just ten bucks from old navy so the outfit, despite its many layers, only adds up to $109.91.