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21 Jun

Gall bladders are evil. In fact, I think it isn’t a gall bladder so much as a devil living inside of me who decides once a year to entertain himself by twisting my intestines around his pitchfork. I’m in so much pain that I can’t even bring myself to go to the hospital because the idea of putting on clothes and driving and parking and going to the waiting room and filling out paper work and sitting on horrible plastic chairs just so a doctor can decide whether or not I deserve perkiset is too overwhelming.

And that’s as far as I got before the pain became too much for me to even look at the computer screen anymore. That day was among the worst of my life. Eleven hours of torturous pain so intense that my muscles are still sore three days later from all the writhing in agony and fervent praying that I did. If it happens again I’m getting surgery. I don’t care if I go for eighteen months without having an attack like I did last time. I almost went to the hospital. Miraculously I managed to put on clothes even though the feeling of fabric on my skin was like a thousand needles brushing up against me every time I moved. After taking five steps out of my bedroom my legs stopped working and I collapsed in a ball on the floor for an hour, unable to cry because the only thing my brain was capable of processing was pain. And yeah, I’m being a little dramatic but not by much. Gall bladders are evil.

Honestly I wouldn’t be publishing this post at all because I don’t love to talk about the bad things in my life unless I can give them a humorous slant and thereby (hopefully) help people look at their own lives with some humor but I’m weird and I’m fascinated by the symmetrical balance of the title that I came up with while being tortured by my own body. Seriously, look at it. Is that visually captivating to anyone else but me? Also, this whole experience gave me inspiration for some plot points in the book I’m working on so something good did come out of this unimaginable experience. Optimism wins again.

Anywho, the other day my brother in law pretended to pout because I never do outfits for guys. I decided to give into his pouting because he’s funny and I like him and also because I really do love men’s fashion too. But I ended up doing far too much research and came up with far too many awesome sale items so instead of just doing an outfit I am featuring an entire winter wardrobe. Right now is a great time to get jackets and pants and shoes. So here you go Brady. I hope this makes you happy.

Urban Outfitters BDG Block Striped Cardigan

Urban Outfitters Standard Cloth Saxon Shawl Sweater

Urban Outfitters Comune Luke Denim Bomber

Swell Fox Dilemma Flannel

Matix Arlington Flannel

Swell O'Neill Ironsight Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters Levis 511 Breaker Grey Jean

AE slim straight jean

KR3W Slim Cords Mens Pants

AE Chino

Steve Madden Igorr

Urban Outfitters Zuriick Eugene Strap Shoe

Urban Outfitters Bed Stu Maneuver Boot



Converse… please don’t go

21 May

Lately it seems like everywhere I look there is a pair of Converse on sale. This possibly means that the demand for the big C is going down and that the trend is waning. This makes me really sad. The same thing happened with Docs in the early nineties and then skate shoes in the early millennium. Personally, I never stopped loving Docs or skate shoes. I still feel like they have a legitimate place in everyday fashion. For instance, what could be more punk rock than wearing a frilly dress and Docs in a contrasting color to your prom? And what says summer more than a basic white tee, a cool pair of shorts and some classic Vans? So I say even if the Converse trend is waning don’t go throwing out your Chucks just because your friends are sporting gladiator sandals or booties. If you love something and it makes you feel good, then wear it. I love Converse and I’m gonna wear them ’til I die.

In this spirit I’ve included the raddest pair of Converse that I’ve seen in a while and they are on a super sale so they’re probably going to sell out fast. Also, I like the shirt in yellow for this outfit but I’m posting the grey because that’s the only full pic they’ve got. Oh, and the shirt should be a little oversized so when the belt is worn at the natural waist it cinches it all in. Outfit total cost = $126

Free People hand embroidered Converse

Ragstock Rolltab Shirttail Tunic

Charlotte Russe Belt

American Apparel Unisex Stretch Cord

Serious bonus points to whoever can guess why I thought of this running sketch from SNL when I was writing today’s post.


18 Nov

Is it weird that this blog is not just about my fabulous fashion finds but about my odd, quiet, introverted life as well? I hope not.

So the other day as my boss was leaving the studio he casually mentioned that he was giving me a raise before heading out the door. It literally went like this:

“Hey, I’m taking off,” Karl says as he’s putting on his jacket. “Since we’re getting more business for the holidays I think it’s time to give you a raise. See ya tomorrow.”

All I could do was yell thank you from my desk as the door closed behind him. Unfortunately I had at this point already decided to quit working there. The reasons are as follows: #1 – I need a job that provides health insurance, #2 – I’ve got to get out of this tiny little place, and #3 – I’m sick to death of retouching and printing. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love this job. There was so much to learn and it felt creative for a long time but I have finally gotten to the point where I’ve learned as much as I care to and it’s become so mechanical I could do it whilst in a coma. I had been waiting to tell Karl I was quitting because I’m a chicken and I hate awkward conversations so when he announced that he was giving me a raise I was facing an ethical dilemma. Should I wait to tell him that I was planning to quit until after he’d called the accountant? Or should I tell him what I was planning and let him decide if he still wanted to give me a raise even though I would be leaving in six weeks? I was torn between manipulating the situation for my benefit and my overly stringent morals.

Most everyone I talked to said I should wait. In the business world you have to look out for number one, right? The problem is that I have never been comfortable with that. Meek, timid little me prefers to be a martyrtard (a passive aggressive person who thinks they are being a martyr because they are acting selflessly but because their selflessness is grudging at best they are actually just retarded) so I wish for good things but I’m never willing to do what it takes to get them. I admit that I was tempted to just let it slide but in the end I knew I would feel like a jerk if I didn’t tell Karl what was going on. I also knew that if he didn’t give me the raise I would end up resenting him and pouting around the studio but that was something I could live with. Being outright selfish I could not. The molly mormon martyrtard in me wins again.

So yesterday I finally got the chance to tell Karl my plans to quit and you’ll never guess what he did. He gave me the raise anyway. And you know what he said? “You’re worth every penny.” I almost cried. Yeah, I’m a dork.

To celebrate my raise I decided to include an overpriced pair of Converse in this outfit that have become the object of my obsession. I also can’t help but scream the praises of this dress. I want one in every color and then I want to use those dresses as wall paper, that is how much I love it.

The dress is from swell.com, the shoes converse.com, the jeans forever21.com and the layer tee is from target.com. Altogether the outfit costs $145