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More On Shabby Apple

23 Oct

So Shabby Apple picked one of my designs for their contest. They liked the gray ruffle dress. You can go here to vote for me (it’s #1) but look at all the dresses before you do because there are some great ones and I won’t be offended if you like one of the others better than mine. I like 5, 7, 8 and 12 really a lot and wouldn’t be at all upset if they won over me. Also, they’ve got a couple of new dress lines that are pretty awesome so you should hop on over to the website while you’re voting and do some perusing. Fun stuff.

Here’s an outfit for this week. It’s kind of fancy but in that “I’m way too cool for this party” sort of way. And when you’re wearing a super rad outfit that only costs fifty eight bucks then you really are too cool for this party, or any other party for that matter 😉

Downeast Sweet Dreams

Urban Outfitters Raggedy Ruffles

We Love Colors Gold Splash Metallic Tights

Buckle SM New York Beegie Wedge


growing up isn’t moving on

26 Jun

Yes, I am a grown up. Yes I have chosen writing as my vocation but does that really mean that I’m committing some cardinal sin against adulthood if I sometimes fantasize about what I would be doing if I had decided to go ahead and be a fashion designer? I don’t think so. I hope not anyway. I can’t help it if sometimes I see things that make me think “Oooh, if I were in high fashion I would so use that as inspiration in a collection.” I also can’t help it if I actually imagine entire outfits and then put models in them, maybe even have them walking down the catwalk to a certain song, and end it all with which celebrities would want my clothes and maybe even be my best friend. (Cat Deeley anyone? I would have So You Think You Can Dance tickets for life yo!) Anywho, as a special little treat for you I am going to fully submerse you in my fashion fantasy mind with pictures of the things that lately have made me waste minutes (okay, hours, but not many!) imagining what I would make a collection out of. They’re all from movies I’ve seen which shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve been reading this here bloggy thing.

First is textiles. I’ve admired this leather jacket for many, many years but only recently did I think that it would be an awesome starting point for a collection. I love the color and how distressed it is and how it makes Toby Maguire’s eyes look so blue and dreamy. The things I could do with Toby Maguire- I mean this leather…

Seabiscuit Toby Maguire's leather jacket

The next thing is the gun harnesses from the Untouchables. Sadly I couldn’t get a picture of them but luckily I’m not the only person in the world who thinks that harnesses are a cool accessory. Unfortunately I am one of the few who is inspired by military and police harnesses used for gun holsters rather than the bondage/s&m stuff but that’s a subject for another post. And maybe another blog. 😐 Here’s a harness that one designer did that I think is super rad.

Another accessory I think is super cool is spats. I’ve loved them ever since I saw the movie Oscar. Most recently, though, I saw Saving Private Ryan and part of the World War II army uniform was something called leg spats. These struck me as being something that could work in modern fashion.

Lastly, as a way to get me even more excited for the upcoming live action version of The Last Air Bender, I’ve been re-watching the cartoon series. Anime clothing has always been a source of fascination for me, particularly the characters in the Final Fantasy games, so it seems natural that I should become slightly obsessed with some of the costumes in this awesome show. Specifically Aang’s outfit with the capelet and the tunic that actually ties under the knee is oh so rad.

If you ask me this whole military/anime vibe is something you could build an entire brand around. All I need now is an awesome name…

Here’s this week’s outfit. It is neither military or anime inspired. In fact, it’s very girly and sweet, which just goes to show how open minded and cool I am 😉

Outfit total cost = $126.50

Anthropologie zipped rosettes jacket

DownEast Sweet and Scallop Skirt

Charlotte Russe Butterfly weave crinkle flat

Ann Taylor’s website is lame so sorry for the tiny thumb nail! Click on it if you want to see a full glorious picture on their website. And to be clear I like it in Moon Grey.

Ann Taylor Loft beaded tuxedo tank

outfit #2

7 Nov

Am I totally alone in despising the time change? I hate driving home from work after the sun has gone down. I mean the weather is so freaking gorgeous but it already feels like winter because I am spending the majority of my existence under a crappy florescent light. I need to move to the equator.

Anyway, to cheer myself up I decided to do an outfit based around a Threadless tee that I am in mad mad love with. It isn’t on sale yet so I haven’t bought it but I will. Mark my words.

Altogether the outfit costs $115.27. In my mind the belt is worn over the sweater at the natural waist (the place on your torso where you’re the skinniest) but it could be left off as well.


Shirt is threadless.com, shoes and sweater are charlotterusse.com, layer shirt is oldnavy.com, skirt is downeastoutfitters.com, tights are ae.com and belt is forever21.com