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I Blame Pinterest

8 Jul

Sorry I’ve been MIA for longer than usual. I found a new website called Pinterest and it’s been fulfilling my scour-the-internet-for-awesomeness needs. If I lag with my posts again and you find you’re missing me you can always clicky on that button over there on the right and see what I’m up to on the time suck that is Pinterest. (I warn you, it’s addictive.)

I’m going to move to Dallas in about a month in search of fame and fortune and I’m freaking out a little bit. It’s going to be great to live in a big city finally and hopefully get a good job and not have to travel at least three hours if I want to see some form of art that isn’t landscapes, but I’m worried that it’s going to be too hot and the people will be weird and I’m going to miss my family like crazy. I’ve just learned to like Utah and now I’m leaving. Isn’t that the way of things? But it’s going to be good. And exciting. I’m ready to experiment with city living.

Anywho, onto the fashion because this is a fashion blog after all. Maybe you’ve noticed the upswing of button up shirts popularity (seriously they’re everywhere), also brightly colored shorts are hotty hot hot this season and what could be better than bringing those two things together? It feels a little bit like a Gap ad via mid-nineties but I think I’m okay with that. You could wear the shirt tucked in, or with a belt, or just free and flowy.

Outfit total cost = $72

Urban Outfitters Breezy Twill Yoke Blouse


Forever 21 Box Braided Belt

J.Crew 9" Chinos


Urbanog Bamboo T-Strap Flats

These are the taupe sandals, btw. I don’t like the gold over much but that’s what automatically comes up when you click on the picture.


Summer Time and the Livin’s Easy

2 Jun

Who remembers Bradley Nowell from Sublime? I think about that band every time summer rolls around. Bradley’s Nowell’s voice was summer, it was honey butter, it was finger lickin’ good. I have to listen to Scarlet Begonias at least once a summer. I wish the styley sound were still around in all its glory.

I’m feeling slightly obsessed with maxi dresses worn with crop tops. I know I just did an outfit with a crop top/maxi combo but for realsies every time I look at clothes on the web this look draws me to it like a magnet. I just want to wear it while I go on an art walk or peruse a farmer’s market or twirl around in my bedroom.

Outfit total cost = $92

UO Lacy Edge Floppy Straw Hat

Forever 21 Ethnic Print Maxi Dress

Delias Crop Top

Urban Outfitters Sandal

Happy summer everyone!

Twofer Tuesday

10 May

I recently got a comment from a reader who said he loves steampunk and pirates and tries to incorporate those aesthetics in his personal style. To reward his super nice comment and to hopefully encourage the rest of you to comment (for realsies guys, the best thing about blogs is that they’re interactive, but really getting comments just makes me happy) I’ve decided to create two outfits that have steampunk and pirate elements in them. Plus, it sounded like fun.

For you who are unfamiliar with steampunk, it’s a sub-genre of fantasy and sci-fi set in the Victorian era when steam power was widely used. To really understand what it’s all about you need to see it so here’s a clip from the cop show Castle from an episode that featured the underground world of steampunk. It sums up the style pretty well.

But how do you fuse everyday fashion with a style that’s so over the top and fantastical? First you have to break it down into its simplest elements. The colors are rich and warm, the fabrics are velvet, lace, wool, felt and tweed, the clothes are fitted and romantic, and metals like gold, brass and copper are essential to the aesthetic.

Accessories are the easiest to directly translate. There are several Etsy shops devoted entirely to steampunk and these are some of my favorite (and most affordable) items that I found.

Antique Button Ring from pixie 14320

Vintage Engraved Brass Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch Chain

And here’s the outfit to go with them. I used a bowler hat but an aviator cap would have worked as well, the shirt is romantic and ruffled, the pants are tweed, the vest is fitted and features a little lace, and the shoes have corset style lace-ups and buckles. So it has many elements of a steampunk costume but comes in the guise of modern fashion.

Urban Outfitters Bowler Hat

Forever 21 Polka Dot Ruffle Top

Charlotte Russe Lace Trimmed Racer Back Vest

Urban Outfitters Tweed Pant

Forever 21 leatherette heel work boot

Now for the pirates. I’m assuming you’re all familiar with those guys. So, to break it down, pirate fashion is closely related to steampunk in that it has Victorian elements and gold plays an important part in the aesthetic (arrr, me treasure! haha, I’m such a nerd) but the fabrics are less lush and the fit of the clothes is much more loose and utilitarian. I’ve decided to do a guy’s outfit for this one so I’m going to skip the ruffles (but if this were a girl’s outfit I’d say go for it) and instead favor stripes. So maybe this outfit is less of a pirate captain and more of a pirate deck hand. 😉

Urban Outfitters Wool Stripe Beanie

Urban Outfitters Ruby Stripe Tee

21 Men Pinstripe Woven Vest

AE Jean

ALDO Luy boots

AMEX jewelry skull biker ring

And guys, if you wear rings keep it to one per hand and, unless it’s a wedding ring, wear it on your thumb or middle finger. Pinky rings are for pimps, football players, and class rings. And wearing a ring on your index finger can sometimes make you look like a hippy. But that’s just a weird rule that I believe in. To each his own…

Nixon Score watch

And that’s it! A fun, modern approach to pirate fashion. If there are any other styles you’d like me to interpret just leave a comment.

Inaction Is the Unethical Standpoint

28 Apr

The other day I was watching a video about nanotechnology and a guy was talking about how many critics there are who refuse to support nanotechnology out of fear but he said “I think when you understand what kind of impact nanotechnology could have on some of the global problems… I think that inaction is actually the unethical standpoint. I think stasis is unethical in this case.”

That’s exactly how I feel about feminism and the cause for changing the way media portrays women. I love fashion, obviously, but the rigidity with which the fashion world holds onto this “ideal beauty” is seriously messed up. People are different and it’s awesome but we are conditioned every time we turn on the television or go to the movies to think that those differences are actually flaws. The inequality in the representation of women is staggering. Don’t believe me? Go to this website and read all about it: http://www.apa.org/pi/women/programs/girls/report.aspx

Here’s an excerpt: “While alone in a dressing room, college students were asked to try on and evaluate either a swimsuit or a sweater. While they waited for 10 minutes wearing the garment, they completed a math test. The results revealed that young women in swimsuits performed significantly worse on the math problems than did those wearing sweaters. No differences were found for young men. In other words, thinking about the body and comparing it to sexualized cultural ideals disrupted mental capacity. In the emotional domain, sexualization and objectification undermine confidence in and comfort with one’s own body, leading to a host of negative emotional consequences, such as shame, anxiety, and even self-disgust. The association between self-objectification and anxiety about appearance and feelings of shame has been found in adolescent girls (12–13-year-olds) (Slater & Tiggemann, 2002) as well as in adult women.”

So when I read something like that, something that reflects my personal experience perfectly and makes me realize that women everywhere are dealing with these same soul crushing problems, then yes, inaction seems completely unethical.

So here’s an outfit that I think any woman would look amazing in plus it’s modest and cheap. Unfortunately the models are scary thin but what choice do I have?

Outfit total cost = $80

Urban Outfitters Hat

ModCloth Pick of the Crop Top

Forever 21 Ikat Maxi Dress

Wild Diva Buckle Side Canvas Combat Boot

And if you wear these boots with scrunchy socks then the outfit will just be so stinking cool.


28 Feb

Somewhere someone was analyzing the different body types that people have and they said “Well, people with hips definitely look like pears.”

And the person they were with nodded in agreement.

Because this made so much sense the first person got caught up in the idea that people look like fruit so he continued on and said, “People who carry their weight on top kind of look like apples. You know, because pears are bottom heavy and apples are top heavy.”

The second person scratched his head and thought to himself, Some apples are just round, though. And some of them are pretty lopsided. Right? But in the end they remained silent.

The first person took this silence as encouragement and, caught up in his own brilliance exclaimed, “And if bottom heavy people are pears, and top heavy people are apples, then people who carry their weight evenly are bananas!”

And the second person said, “Now you’ve gone too far.”

But the damage was done and the first person went throughout the world spreading this idea about people as fruits. And just like the second man most people were with him at the idea of people looking like pears, and they were even willing to except the idea that top heavy people could be called apple shaped, but where most people drew the line was at bananas. Nobody really looks like a banana. We don’t curve that way. So instead they theorized that these people could be called rectangle. This is why fashion magazines are always writing stories about two fruits and a quadrilateral. So just to save anyone from future confusion, they are talking about how to dress your body type, not telling you a children’s story meant to introduce young’uns to the world of geometry.

Anywho, I would imagine that being rectangle (or straight) shaped is kind of awesome. Because this shape is in the middle you can really get away with any trend and look fine. But what I’m talking about in this series of posts is how to look awesome. So, let’s get started.

As with all body types the number one thing to remember is that if you want your body to look a certain way, you need to find garments that are structured to provide that shape. The common complaint among straight shaped women is that they can look a bit boyish so you want to look for garments that will increase the appearance of your hips and bust and be form fitting around your waist.

Jackets and blazers can be great structural pieces to add to a wardrobe but they can be cut in a highly masculine way. Try to look for something with princess seams or darts. This will give the appearance of a more womanly figure. Here’s a good example of one such jacket. It has darts in the front and princess seams in the back, and it has a ruffled yoke below the waistline which gives the appearance of hips so this one gets an A+.

And of course I’ve styled an outfit to go with it. The shirt has a gathered sleeve which gives the appearance of greater width through the shoulders and in turn a smaller waist. Any jacket or shirt with a strong shoulder is a good way to trick the eye into thinking the waist is smaller than it is.
These jeans are from Levi’s and are specially cut to fit women who have a straight shape.
Gathers and pleats are another great way to add volume to the bust and hips. Luckily we are going through a period in fashion where playing with volume is uber trendy so finding pieces to fit your needs is easy to do. Try to find pieces that hit at your natural waist. This is the spot on your torso that is thinnest and therefore the area you want to emphasize most. Luckily, this waistline is also uber trendy and easy to find and all of these outfits feature the natural waist.
This pleated skirt hits mid calf which can shorten the leg but you can turn this around by wearing tights and shoes in the same color and in the end your legs will look much longer.
ModCloth Don’t Steel My Skirt
Anthropologie Resonance Cowlneck
Anthropologie Resonance Cowlneck
Urban Outfitters diamond socks
So what are you going to do with all those baggy t-shirts and tunics that you love? Put a belt on them! No trend is easier to duplicate and no trend adds instant chic to an outfit like wearing a belt over your shirt at your natural waist. You can even put a belt on over jackets and cardigans.
Lastly, don’t make a face when you scroll down this outfit. I say this because it features a pair of tapered, pleated pants and this could give you horrible eighties flashbacks. But if you wear them lower on your hips, a little bit loose, and either rolled up or cropped then you will look ultra modern, fashion conscious, and best of all it will give you those hips you’ve been searching for. Remember, before pleated pants were all the rage in the eighties they were worn buy elegant women like Katherine Hepburn in the forties. Rectangle shaped women are really the only women who can get away with this trend so take advantage!

Forever 21 belted shirt

Anthropologie Pleaste Galore Crops

Also, I know this sounds weird but if you hop on the Oxford trend you’re better off not wearing socks if you wear them with pants or a long skirt. Somehow it just looks more feminine.

Deena and Ozzy Perimeter Oxford Shoe

M. Night Shamalamadingdong

10 Jul

So I’ve heard from pretty much everyone that the Last Airbender is an absolute suck fest except for the fight scenes. Poo. At first I was like, No! You must be wrong! How could anyone fail with such amazing material? As it turns out M. Night Shymadoo can. Apparently he completely failed to bring over the brilliant comedy (secret, Secret, SecRET, SECRET TUNNEL!) and endearing characters right down to pronouncing all of their names wrong. (okay, so in China they pronounce Aang as ung or whatever but guess what? Avatar is not based in China. It is a fictional anime world and his name can be pronounced Aaaang if people want to. And guess what else? We want to!) So yeah, I’m sad. But I’m glad I waited to go and now I won’t waste eight fifty on disappointment.

In other news I finally took my car to get serviced and while it was being serviced I went for a walk and while I was on a walk I got caught in a summer drizzle and while it was drizzling it was glorious! Summer rains always remind me of being in Europe. I need to make more money so I can go back lots more times and see lots more stuff and be lots more cultured and maybe that way I will never say lots again. Also, maybe I will quit thinking that run on sentences and using poor grammar is funny and stop writing this way so much. Probably not though.

Obviously I don’t really have anything to say today as evidenced by my rambling but I lovey love love the outfit I’ve been styling and couldn’t wait for good inspiration to strike. I wish I could photoshop it all together. Stinking expensive programs that think they’re too good for poor people. I wonder if my library has it. Probably not. The Orem library is lame.

Yeah – like I said. Rambling.

Outfit total cost = $117

Anthropologie Keeping Tabs Tee

Lee Women's Panama Bermuda

Urban Outfitters Suspender

I know what you’re thinking. Wiggi-wah? These are men’s suspenders! Sadly people don’t really make suspenders for girls too much but I’m sure these will fit adequately. They’re not actually meant to keep your shorts up. Your hips should do that just fine. Unless you’re like me and have no hips in which case even suspenders that fit like a boa constrictor won’t keep your shorts up.

Forever 21 fern woven peep toe flats

Free People Charlie Hat

I don’t usually do accessories but this outfit needs this hat the way that chocolate needs peanut butter or Ethan Hawke needs scruffy facial hair.



19 Jun

The other day I was looking through the discount shelves at Barnes and Noble and a book with the title Why Women Should Rule the World caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at the discount. It was on sale for $5, one fifth of its original price. That’s eighty percent off. If it were a sweater I would have examined it for pulled threads and grease stains. The cliche of a feminist book being so heavily discounted in a Utah bookstore was not lost on me so I decided to buy it. You know, for solidarity’s sake. The surprise was that it actually turned out to be a book that perfectly sums up so many of the thoughts that I’ve had about feminism, modern society’s view of women, and what the goal of modern feminism should be. The title is actually meant to be eye catching and controversial so that you’ll pick it up. The author’s main argument is that women should rule the world alongside men, not because we’re better but because we’re different. We see and approach the world in different ways and because of this every aspect of public life could be improved if women were to take an equal share in it.

Being a feminist and a member of the LDS church can be a lonely and alienating thing. The attitudes that I encounter generally fall into two different categories: gender roles are divinely assigned and a woman’s first duty is to her family, or apathy. To the first there isn’t much I can say. I agree that it’s important for women to be mothers and wives but I don’t think that a woman should be forced to be a stay at home mom if it makes her unhappy. A lot of women feel that their lives are enriched if they spend even a few hours a week outside the home and that in turn makes them better able to fill their duties as mother and wife. But these people tend to be stubborn and immovable against even the most logical arguments so I let them be. As for the apathetic I really want to take them by the shoulders and scream in their faces. I don’t of course. But the fact is that despite the laws that were passed decades ago women are still paid less than men, assault against women is still a huge issue, and women continue to be overlooked for promotions and undervalued in the workplace. This is because change takes time. Attitudes, particularly negative ones, require generations to pass before they can be altered. Equality between races and civil rights is something that is taught in schools because we want to make certain that everything our country has worked toward in ending racial inequality is not undone by ignorance. I would argue that the equal rights between the sexes deserves the same consideration. Why it isn’t, I don’t know but I do know this: apathy, ignorance, and silence are the attitudes that social injustice feeds on. So if you find yourself having any of those attitudes toward feminism I would encourage you to pick up Why Women Should Rule the World by Dee Dee Myers or any book on feminism for that matter. If you don’t feel like reading a book then take a class. Get on the internet and do some research. Even if you just have a conversation with someone about it, you will be taking one step forward in keeping the cause of promoting women’s success in modern society alive.

So now that I’ve been all serious and made you question if this blog is actually about fashion at all, here is another one of my fantasy outfits. I think it’s super hot and it proves once again that a woman does not need to show skin in order to turn heads.

Outfit total cost = $105.80

hold you in pencil skirt from Newport News

You should know that in my mind the shirt is worn untucked and the belt would be worn at the natural waist. Also the socks I like are the off white ones. Thanks Megan for recommending that I check out Mango! Their clothes are quite awesome.

Mango Women's Boxy T-shirt

Urban Outfitters Origami Stretch Belt

American Apparel Socks

Forever 21 Strappy Pindot Heel