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tis the season

2 Dec

I don’t have much to say today. My sleep cycle is even more off than usual, this combined with heavy allergy medication is causing my brain to feel rather mushy.

Thanks to a suggestion from my sister’s friend Clara I have figured out a way to link my pieces to their websites so all you have to do is click on the thumbnails. No more copy and paste! Suh-weet! Clara is quite the genius.

This look is meant for all the fabulous Christmas parties and events that I hope you readers will be attending. It’s always a challenge to be cool and sexy while still being modest and I think this outfit totally achieves that. I admit that the heels are pretty scary but they could totally be replaced with a different shoe. I just love these because they make me think of ballet shoes gone bad because the straps look like ribbons and… yeah. Like I said, brain mush.

I’m not going to tell you where the pieces come from. You’ll just have to click on the links and find out. 😉 Outfit total cost = $129.77


Pastel perfection

12 Nov

Another outfit for my beautiful sister and this one actually includes an anthropologie piece for a wicked steal. I tried photoshopping everything together but the stupid models were all bendy in weird ways and it just didn’t work so… you all will just have to use your imaginations. The jeans will of course be tucked into the booties and I think a crocheted tam hat in navy would be grand. If you decide you want this outfit, Ali, I would be happy to crochet you a hat for your birthday.

The jeans are a great deal at just ten bucks from old navy so the outfit, despite its many layers, only adds up to $109.91.







It’s all in the details

7 Nov

I’m crazy for layering in every way, be it cakes, blankets, clothes or what have you. Thus when I saw some of the henleys and thermals at Free People in these fantastic colors and with awesome sleeve details I couldn’t help becoming obsessed with their unrivaled layering potential. Just one problem, the prices at Free People are insane. I mean who wants to pay 60 bucks for a thermal? So I got to thinking, how hard would it really be to replicate these looks at home? Just get a good, cheap thermal, some cool buttons or zippers, a strip of hemming tape and you’re good to go. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even try dying them to the desired color. (I recommend Target for the thermal, they have some fun ones right now) Gotta love DIY projects. Particularly when they have the potential to make me this happy. 😀

outfit #1

4 Nov

I came up with this outfit for my sister who has decided that it is time to cast off the hoodies and jeans and go for a more grown-up look. Ironic that I am six years younger than her and giving her advice about how to dress more womanly, but also very flattering. She’s got great taste, FYI. She just wanted to see my take on the idea. She particularly likes anthropologie so I did some serious searching for sales items that had just that flavor. Love you Ali!

Layer shirt from jcrew.com, dress and belt Urban Outfitters.com, skirt target.com, tights barenecessities.com, shoes payless.com.

Outfit total price = $115.45

Here are the links: