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Style icon: Natalie Wood

9 Apr

Maybe when you think style Natalie Wood isn’t really a name that comes to mind. I know she wasn’t for me. But recently I was researching fifties style and I came across this picture.

Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the unbelievably awesome, pearl studded, oh so trendy red, chunky knit, scallop trimmed, dolman sleeved, could I find more ways to describe it (no?) cardigan. I immediately put this picture in my fashion inspiration folder because one day I’m going to find a way to replicate this object of perfection. And I’ve found another way to describe it. Perfect.

Anyway, I’ve peeked back at this pic about a million times and gradually I started noticing the awesomeness of the rest of this look. The navy blue, fifties style swim suit. The gold bangle bracelets. The fisherman-like hat with the bell-flipped brim. (If you have a more accurate description of this hat please send it my way. I can’t find anything like it on the internets but I think that maybe due to the fact that I have no idea what to call it.) And the more subtle bits, the white painted toenails and matching-but-not-matchy-matchy pearl painted fingernails. The strong brows and ruby red lips.


What would it have been like to live in So Cal in the fifties? In my mind it’s exactly like that picture: all boat trips and picnics and fashion so good my grand daughters yearn for it.

Anywho, I tried to replicate this look. I’ve been trying for weeks. But there’s nothing like it anywhere. The swimsuits are all forties rather than fifties inspired, no cardigan can come close to that one (perfection is rare after all), and all the hats are fedoras. So instead I’ll continue to save this picture for inspiration when (and a huge if) I have my own fashion label.

How are you planning to dress for the beach this year? Do you think it’s time that we ditch the board shorts and sarongs in favor of an awesome cardi so we can show off our legs and update our look?